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MIDTOWN SACRAMENTO -- It's a noisy little corner of midtown in front of Faces Nightclub.

Still, in 33 years doing business there, they've never once heard their security alarm sound or their windows shattering, and certainly never several hundred pounds of steel slamming down on the asphalt.

Not until 7 a.m. Monday.

“Definitely invoked a lot of anger. Lot of frustration. Disappointment,” said Faces Financial Director Jeffry Davis.

Two men pried their way into the building.

"This is the outside entrance to our office,” Davis said.

Inside, surveillance cameras were rolling as they got what they came for.

"So they were able to just shatter it with a crowbar, climb through, walk straight to the back of the office, get what they wanted," Davis said.

What they wanted was the safe loaded with a substantial amount of money, and they didn't need to search around for it.

"It was not an easy thing to move, so it took a lot of effort for them to do that,” he said.

You can see them struggling to squeeze the 4-foot safe back through the door. But eventually, they do.

“Came over to the side of the patio, put it up on the ledge, and pushed it over. Proceeded to load it into the back seat of the car and drove off,” Davis said.

But before they're gone the first employee arrives for work and parks right in front of the getaway car -- a dark four-door Lexus with chrome trim -- completely unaware of what they had just done.

They had taken a substantial amount of money from a business that has been a cornerstone for the gay community in Sacramento for decades.

"It's a violation is what it is," Roger Lundgerg said.

Even though they wore masks, hoods and gloves -- these guys were caught on multiple cameras stealing the safe.

Lundberg, a customer, thinks they're going to have a much tougher time getting the safe open.

"And if it does, I hope the money blows up on them, so,” he said.