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Reno Locals Place Their Bets Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

RENO -- While most of the excitement will be happening on the field at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota this Sunday, more than 1,700 miles away in Reno the action is happening at Atlantis Race and Sports Book, where bets are going for both teams.

"Well I gotta go with Philly," said Mike Myles.

Some people, like Myles, said they just can't put money against Tom Brady.

"They are the best team there is out there right now," Myles said.

Other people, like Brian Sabourin, didn't care about who is on the field.

"I try to go with whoever is going to make me the most money," he said.

"Right now it's mostly been Eagles money coming in, so right now we are Patriots fans," said Mark Nelson, manager of Atlantis Race Sports Book. "But that could flip-flop by the time the game kicks off, you never know."

If you don`t want to put all your money on the final outcome of the game, there are things called proposition wagers where you can bet on anything, from how many yards LeGarrette Blount will run to the opening coin toss of the game.

"We have three different Tom Brady TD drops, total points by Stephen Gostkowski, Jake Elliot miss at least on field goal,"

There are hundreds of bets fans can take. It's good for first time gamblers looking to cash in, but Nelson has more advice.

"My number one tip is get your bets in early," he said. "The lines are going to be long and you're going to be standing there for quite a while."

No matter who you want to see lifting that Lombardi Trophy Sunday night, the Atlantis Race and Sports Book is hoping big money comes either way.

"I don't have a favorite, it's whoever I need for the most money that day. So it could be the Patriots today, it could be the Eagles tomorrow. I wont know until the game kicks off," Nelson said.