Sheriff’s Department Reveals New Leads in East Area Rapist Case

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SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has revealed new leads in the region's infamous East Area Rapist case.

Currently, a lead investigators are pursuing involve a patient at the now-closed American River Hospital. Detectives say this man visited the hospital on May 30, 1977 shortly before noon seeking treatment for a possible broken shoulder. Staff suspected the man may have been the East Area Rapist and contacted the sheriff's department.

The man fled before deputies could arrive.

The sheriff's department says the man used an identification card that was stolen two years earlier. No description of the man was given, but deputies say an emergency room staffer signed one of the forms with the initials "BK."

Investigators say the shoulder injury likely happened running from a sexual assault two days earlier, in which he jumped over a fence into a steep canal. The injury also coincided with a 13-week break in the series of rapes.

Detectives are also searching for information about a patient at an optometry office at the now-closed Bay Area Union Professional Center at 6311 Fair Oaks Boulevard in 1973. The sheriff's department had visited to try to find the owner of a pair of glasses left at the scene of a burglary in Rancho Cordova. There was never an arrest or identification of the suspect.

The suspect was described at the time as a white male between the ages of 16 and 22. He was about 5-feet-10-inches tall, around 160 to 180 pounds and had medium brown hair that touched his ears.

Today, detectives are searching for people who worked at that optometry office in 1973.

Katie and Brian Maggiore

Investigators Seek Help 40 Years after Double Homicide

On the 40th anniversary of the murders of Brian and Katie Maggiore, the sheriff's department asked the public for help on Friday.

The couple was murdered Feb. 2, 1978, while out on a walk near LaVerta Court in Rancho Cordova. Investigators say a man, believed to be the East Area Rapist, attacked them along La Gloria Drive. The couple ran through a blown down fence into a backyard of a home on La Alegria Drive, where they were fatally shot.

Detectives believe the Feb. 2, 1978 killing was the final attack of the East Area Rapist in the Greater Sacramento region. He would go on to terrorize communities in the Bay Area and Southern California.

FOX40 is digging deeper on the East Area Rapist investigation in a new podcast. Head here for more information.

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