Volunteers Search El Dorado County for Coyote with Head Trapped in Jar

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COLOMA -- The video of a coyote walking around with a jar stuck on his head is heartbreaking and what's worse is wildlife experts worry if they don't track him down soon he may not make it.

"We've had about a dozen people walking around looking for him," said Greg Grimm from Country Wildlife Rescue.

It's been more than one week since the coyote was first spotted in Coloma. That means more than one week without food or water.

Now volunteers with Gold Country Wildlife Rescue and Sierra Wildlife Rescue are desperately trying to track him down.

"We actually saw him at a creek trying to get water up inside the container," Grimm said. "We think he might have gotten a little, but not very much, and if he is unable to get food or drink at some point he will die."

But finding him isn't easy. The trapped coyote seen roaming around El Dorado County doesn't stay still.

The most recent sighting? Around Auburn Lakes Trail. It's where a search team spent most of the day setting up traps. They had a net gun ready to get him, but no such luck.

"That's the hardest part, to be able to get him and the right people in the right spot," Grimm said.

The slow-moving coyote can't hear and it's tough for him to see with the jar on his head. The sooner he's found the better his chance to survive the bizarre situation.

"This isn't the first day, and it probably won't be the last day, that we'll get the call," Grimm said. "So, we'll probably be back out tomorrow looking for him."

If you spot the coyote wildlife experts say don't get close, just give the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue a call at 530-885-0862, ext. 7, and try to keep an eye on his location.