Davis Police to Increase Patrols Around School Campuses after Recent Break-Ins

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DAVIS -- The Davis Police Department says it will increase patrols at school campuses after three classrooms were broken into.

In two cases, electronics were stolen. Officers say it's unclear if the break-ins are connected, but add it's a good chance that they are.

"It's sad to think someone would do that," said Davis High School senior Evan Belk.

Thieves broke into a special education classroom at Davis High last week, taking a projector, a printer and several tablets.

"They don't have as much resources to learn with now," Belk said. "That's definitely kind of a sad thing, you know?"

Two other campuses were hit that same Thursday night, according to the district.

"At Willett Elementary there was an attempted break-in through the window, but the people did not get through," said Davis Unified School District spokeswoman Maria Clayton.

But the thieves did manage to get into the library at Cesar Chavez Elementary and stole a laptop.

Parents tell FOX40 they are disappointed because their kids are the ultimate victims.

"Unfortunate that people are desperate enough, I guess, to get whatever they can get their hands on and they're going after what little there is of value in our children's schools," Lorin Kalinsky, parent of a first grader, told FOX40.

Now, Davis police officers will be stepping out of their patrol vehicles and walk the campuses overnight. The department also hopes those who live near the schools will pay closer attention.

"Anybody late at night at a school, although it may be somebody that's rightfully there, but there should be some suspicion to that activity, and call us," police spokesman Lt. Paul Doroshov said. "We'd rather be safe than sorry and find out that it's legitimate than miss out on an opportunity to catch somebody doing this."

The Davis Police Department can be reached at 530-747-5400.