Mosquito Activity on the Rise as Temperatures Heat Up

SACRAMENTO -- Mosquitoes have been hibernating during the winter months, but with the recent spring-like weather they're out and ready to bite.

These are not the mosquitoes that carry diseases like West Nile Virus, they're simply a nuisance.

"This specific species of mosquitoes that we're seeing now is not the type of mosquito that can transmit West Nile Virus. Plus, we wouldn't see West Nile Virus activity right now because, for the virus to replicate, we need consistent, very warm temperatures," said Luz Maria Robles, public information officer for the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito Vector Control District.

Crews from the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito Vector Control District have been inspecting and treating areas where these mosquitoes breed, including places like rice fields.

They've received a lot of calls about mosquitoes lately with the warm weather.

FOX40 spoke to people enjoying a sunny day at William Land Park who have been noticing mosquitoes out and biting.

Robles says it's important for people to inspect their properties and drain out any stagnant water in flower pots, buckets, bird baths, or other containers. Getting rid of mosquitoes' breeding sites will help later in the season when disease-carrying mosquitoes are out.

To protect yourself experts say to wear long sleeves or use a mosquito repellent.

Placer County also put out a warning Monday about increased mosquito activity in the western part of the county.

For more information visit the Mosquito Vector and Control District site.