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San Joaquin Supervisor Attacked while Trying to Help Assault Victim

STOCKTON --  San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti is being hailed as a hero after he says he helped a woman who was being attacked and the assailants turned on him.

Investigators say the attack happened Friday night on California and Main streets.

"I'm a little roughed up," Patti told FOX40, wearing sunglasses to hide a bruised and swollen eye. "Broken eye socket and broken nose at this point."

Patti says he's hurting, but with that pain comes peace.

"She was getting punched and pummeled severely. I mean brutal," he said.

Patti described the Friday night attack to FOX40.

“A car pulled up right next to me, screeching to a halt and I looked over and there was, of course drawing my attention, there was a girl that was driving that was just getting beat up," Patti said.

He says he then confronted one of the attackers.

“We had a confrontation and somebody hit me from behind with something at some point, and at that point, I lost a lot of consciousness of what happened," he said.

FOX40 was able to view surveillance video of the attack but did not want to release it. The video backs up nearly all of Patti's story, but it shows that he threw the first punch. After Patti struck, two men pummeled him into the ground -- which allowed the woman to get away.

"Out of the car and by my confronting the guys gave her a chance to get away and I lost track of her at that point," Patti said.

The short surveillance clip did not show the woman driving away.

Patti may undergo surgery for his injuries, but he says he will return to work this week.