7 Rescued after Getting Stuck During Off-Road Trip Along Rubicon Trail

PLACER COUNTY -- What was supposed to be a simple day trip along the Rubicon Trail in Placer County turned into a frigid overnight stay and a rescue situation.

"According to one of the persons that were lost the temperature reading was 15 degrees," said Placer County Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Hunt.

Monday morning seven people from Sacramento were rescued by the Placer County Sheriff's Department along with other officials and searchers after the truck the seven were in got stuck along the trail close to Miller Lake.

The Placer County Sheriff's Department believes early morning ice from a recent snowfall melted by Sunday afternoon and the truck the seven people were in got stuck and was unable to get out.

The Rubicon Trail south of Tahoe City is a Placer County road. However, it is not maintained, so people are asked to use it at their own risk.

The biggest issue is that the road was in an area that does not get cellphone reception, so officials say bring a tracking device.

"Our suggestion is that if you're going to go back in the backcountry, whether it be by vehicle, snowshoeing, skiing, whichever it is, that you bring a personal location device," Hunt said. "One of those devices that's satellite driven and you would at least be able to send out a one-way message that you were lost."

The group who needed rescuing did alert someone that was not on the trip of where they were going and what time they should expect them home. When they did not return home police were called, eventually leading to the rescue.