‘Save Swenson’ Park Signs Stolen from Stockton Neighbors’ Lawns

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STOCKTON -- Neighbors in North Stockton are upset after thieves took signs from dozens of front lawns along Benjamin Holt Drive.

Posted protests were taking place on most of the front lawns in the neighborhood.

“Not just signs. Honestly, they mean more than that,” said Dion Dalman, the organizer of "Save Swenson."

Now, most of the signs are missing.

“I feel like they just took something from us for no reason,” said neighbor Oscar Anzaldo.

Organizers who put together the posts say hundreds of the "Save Swenson, Stop Mayor Tubbs" signs were stolen Saturday. Many feel their voices have been silenced.

“They shouldn’t have been stolen. I mean, we’re just making our opinion,” Anzaldo said.

The Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs has proposed the closure of Swenson Golf Course to save taxpayers more than $800,000 a year.

“It’s not just being about a golf course for rich white people, you know, that this is about saving green land here and out there as well,” Dalman said.

The park is surrounded by county, not city, residents.

"It’s the only way the county has to show their voice because they don’t have a voice in this," Dalman said. "They don’t get the vote on it, they don’t get to say much on it."

Almost as quickly as they were snatched up, the signs were replaced. Families have been picking up signs from a neighborhood store to continue their fight to save what they feel is a part of their community’s fabric.

“Beautiful facility. I don’t know how they can feel like they need to take it away,” Anzaldo said.

Organizers say most of the signs have been found, except for about 50 that are still missing.

Families will be meeting on Sunday morning to discuss the future of Swenson Golf Park.