Prosecutors Paint Janelle Monroy as Willing Participant of Officer Murders During Closing Arguments

 SACRAMENTO -- The wife of the man who confessed to killing two local law enforcement officers back in 2014 will learn her fate for her role in the shootout.

Luis Bracamontes is accused of fatally shooting Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis Junior in a cross-county shootout.

Prosecutors and attorneys for his wife Janelle Monroy will deliver their closing arguments Wednesday morning.

If convicted she faces life in prison for murder and aiding/abetting.

Closing arguments for Bracamontes are set for Thursday.

The undocumented immigrant was ordered to remain out of court during the trial -- after several profanity-laced outbursts and threats aimed at officers and their families.

Throughout the closing arguments, prosecutor Rod Norgaard painted Monroy as someone who claimed on the witness stand to be a victim/hostage of her husband, Bracamontes, but in reality was an accomplice.

Norgaard says she was fully willing and accountable for the murders of the two officers.

During the trial, prosecutors' case relied on a few key things: she moved at least one gun from their car into a different vehicle which Bracamontes carjacked, she found a hat for him to wear, so he might not be so recognizable to law enforcement on the drive into the Sacramento area from Utah and despite testifying that she was essentially his hostage, she paid for hotel rooms with him next to her.

They say she didn't look fearful on surveillance tapes.

Norgaard also pointed out that in her statement to homicide detectives following the shooting spree, Monroy seemed to be protecting him -- a stark difference from the approach she took on the witness stand Monday when she testified.