Woman Says Someone Threw Pipe through Her Windshield on I-80

FAIRFIELD -- Katie Nichols considers herself blessed that she wasn't hurt after she says someone through a pipe on her windshield while driving along Interstate 80 on Sunday.

Nichols was driving back home to Chico when the pipe struck her hood and bounced into her windshield, shattering it.

"It just kinda came outta nowhere. and hit my windshield," she said.

Nichols says glass flew into her face.

"I had a little piece stuck to my lip. And on my clothes," Nichols said.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. Wednesday, officers found what appeared to be a piece of the object.

"It looks like a piece of pipe tied to a cord, that was thrown from the right side of the freeway and it struck the windshield of a vehicle that was moving," CHP spokesman David Harvey said.

Investigators said the suspect has not been caught.

Nichols says her dashboard camera recorded the whole thing. She believes the culprit is in the video, standing on the right side of the freeway near the West Texas Street exit.

People are known to congregate in that area, according to the CHP.

Harvey says drivers need to stay alert, especially on the highways and in traffic, because incidents like this do happen from time to time.