From Prostitution to Pulpit: A Lodi Pastor Shares Her Journey to Police Chaplain

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LODI -- The light that Pastor Amy Miranda shares is electric, contagious and inspiring but this Lodi mother, teacher and wife says her life wasn't always so bright.

Miranda is a chaplain-in-training for the Lodi Police Department; she will receive her badge next week.

"I actually had a dream when I was 9, 10 years old and I can see an auditorium, I could see the pulpit, I could see I was in a white suit," Miranda explained.

Miranda says she was told women do not become pastors. So, instead, she found herself in New York on a different kind of stage.

"I didn't dream this little girl from Indiana would ever be a stripper in New York. That's not what I had envisioned, it wasn't in my diary," Miranda said.

Miranda says she also became a prostitute.

It wasn't until she was pregnant with her daughter Katrina almost 30 years ago that she began to turn her life around.

She then moved to Lodi with her grandmother who was a member of Century Assembly Church.

"This is the church that I came to, it was my grandmother's, and my whole life was completely changed. I came out of darkness into light," she explained.

Miranda says little old ladies would pray for her soul and through the power of prayer, time and resilience ... Miranda found her true self.

"There's a whole 'nother life ahead. I was able to become a teacher and be married and now a pastor and now the chaplaincy so anything really is possible," Miranda said.

She became an associate pastor last summer and most recently was recommended by her head pastor Mark Guerrero to join the Lodi Police Department's Chaplaincy.

"I think Pastor Amy brings a very unique flavor not only to our church and to our community, not only her background but she just has this amazing sense of empathy and compassion," Guerrero explained.

That dream she had as a little girl has finally come true and the message of hope she shares each and every single day ... no matter what you've done or where you're from ....

"I really want them to know that beauty can be created from the broken," Miranda said.

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