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Local Organizer Starts Campaign So Children Can See ‘Black Panther’ in the Theater

SACRAMENTO -- A nationwide campaign is trying to raise money to send kids to see "Black Panther," but a local organizer, Khaya Osborne,  didn't know about the "Black Panther Challenge" -- Osborne just wanted to start a grassroots movement, with hopes that it would catch on.

The cultural power behind Marvel's "Black Panther" is something you have to see to believe.

"We're seeing that sort of genesis of black stories being told by black creators and black producers," Osborne said.

Osborne knows this is the kind of movie black kids should look up to, and they shouldn't have to worry about if they can afford a ticket.

"As a kid you just deserve to have a day where you go see a movie and you go have fun," Osborne said.

That's why Osborne is raising money to send underprivileged black children in the Sacramento area to do just that.

"The fact that there's a movie coming out that will represent black kids, it's very, very important that these black kids get to go see it," Osborne told FOX40.

But seeing "Black Panther" isn't the only way to celebrate the milestone movie.

Grant Union High School's drum line gets to perform at two premiere events in Rocklin and Natomas this week.

"It has to do with African-American heritage and I wanted to definitely be a part of that," said James Van Buren, the director of the Grant drum line.

Van Buren said the Sacramento ties and symbolism of the movie warranted a big, local red carpet premiere.

For many, it's more than just a movie and more than just the special effects of Hollywood. It's a chance for something much bigger.

"Africa, at least, is on the map. So we are going to continue with this positive image," said Christina Bendu Hunter, a Liberian community member.

Osborne just wants the campaign to expose as many kids to that positivity as possible. You can donate to Osborne's campaign via PayPal.

If you want to get free tickets, Osborne says you can do so anonymously. Just email Osborne at or call (916) 717-7877.