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18-Year-Old Shot at While Sitting in Car in Woodland Parking Lot

 WOODLAND -- An 18-year-old was shot at while sitting in a car Monday in a Woodland parking lot.

Investigators report someone shot into the man's car three times outside the Ross on East Main Street.

James Leary was visiting a friend working security at Ross when both thought what they were hearing was metal work on the roof.

"Like someone was hitting a hammer on a piece of metal," he said.

Realizing they were actually hearing bullets, he ran outside to the car surrounded by a pool of glass. He says, although the 18-year-old driver had been hit in the rear with glass or shrapnel, he was standing up acting like nothing was wrong.

"This bar right here, basically on the driver's side, if you were to look at it there was a bullet that impacted right here. If it had been an inch to the left, swear it would have went right into the back of his head from where he was sitting."

Elizabeth Moreno told FOX40 she saw a woman who she believes was the shooter. Moreno watched her speed away from the scene in a car.

"I was scared for my life because I thought she was going to hit us," she said.

Moreno was confident the shooter was in that car by herself. Police have yet to confirm anything Moreno saw or release any motive or possible suspect description. They are reviewing surveillance images captured by cameras posted around the shopping center.

"Anytime we have something like this happen in our city it's alarming," said Woodland Police Sgt. Dallas Hyde. "It is a very busy shopping center and we don't typically have a whole lot of problems here. So again we don't know if it was a random victim or if it was somebody that that suspect actually knew."

The 18-year-old sustained non-life threatening injuries from shattered glass.

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