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Modesto Restaurant Feeds Workers Clearing Hughson Train Derailment

HUGHSON -- Crews are hard at work clearing what was left behind after a train derailed late Saturday in Hughson and probably the last night on their minds is what they're going to have to eat.

Danny Rosa is usually behind the counter at Dan's Barbecue in Modesto, but until further notice, he's set up shop along Sante Fe Avenue for cleanup crews.

"These guys are coming in from different areas, different parts of the state, so there are different crews. So I just feed a crew at a time," Rosa said.

Crews are working around the clock to fix the tracks, so Rosa is making sure they're fed.

"Last night it was really cold and, absolutely, it's way, much more comforting in the kitchen, in my own kitchen. But, I mean, these guys are comfortable in their house but they gotta be out here working," Rosa told FOX40.

This also isn't the first time Rosa has done this.

Dan's Barbecue served cleanup crews when a train derailed five years ago in Denair.

Rosa is ready to stay on scene for as long as it takes.

"Working non-stop until it's done," he said.