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How Single People Can Have Fun on Valentine’s Day

Relationship expert Joey Garcia is in the  studio with Simone giving some advice to single people because you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's Day..

Tips for Enjoying Valentine's Day if you're Single

1. Get out and play! Restaurants are likely booked but you can gather a group of friends for a night out rockclimbing, bowling, paint night, or a yoga class together. Or a night in: cook together or have a dance party in your living room. Create a fun memory.

2. Give yourself a mini-retreat at home. Light a candle, pull out your journal and figure out if you're lonely or uncomfortable with solitude. If it's the latter, you might need a life coach or therapist to help you deepen your appreciation and love for yourself.

3. "Make the World your Soulmate." Volunteer somewhere and commit to continuing one day a month. It's so easy to try to find the world in one person but why not give your gifts and talents in service to creating a better world for everyone.