With Valentine’s Day Around the Corner, Locals Get Ready to Show Their Love

SACRAMENTO -- At Relles Florist in midtown Sacramento, owner Jim Relles is in charge of peddling the organized chaos a day before Valentine's Day.

"Valentine's is the busiest day for us," Relles said.

That's what you can call a romantic understatement.

"Fifty percent of these are already sold but then, by tomorrow night, everything will be sold, everything will be out of here and this will be empty," Relles told FOX40.

Relles said his staff of 17 ballooned up to 50 workers Valentine's Day week to get the job done. The flower shop even had to rent a bunch of U-Haul trucks to go along with its regular delivery vans to keep up with the 1,700 deliveries already scheduled. A good percentage may make somebody's co-workers jealous.

"About one-third of the deliveries will be going to offices," Relles said.

But this year, Valentine's Day may create some conflict for the local faithful.

"It's a great incentive to get in ahead of the game," said Kevin Eckery.

For the first time in decades, Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday fall on "the same day."

Ash Wednesday in the Catholic faith is also, of course, the first day of lent where followers are asked to abstain or to fast.

Eckery is the spokesperson for the Sacramento Catholic Diocese. He, like many Catholics, turned to Bishop Jaime Soto for wisdom on the matter.

"'Are there going to be any exemptions? Do you have any advice for people to follow on Valentine's Day?' And he gets this big smile on his face and he said, 'Smart guys are going to do it today, not tomorrow.' And I say, 'Well how about for the 95 percent of us who aren't necessarily that smart?' And all he could say is, 'God be with you,'" Eckery said.

Here's another fun fact: Not only does Valentine's Day this year fall on Ash Wednesday, but Easter also falls on April Fools' Day.