Vacaville Bus Driver Arrested, Suspected of Abusing 2nd Grade, Special Needs Student

VACAVILLE -- A 64-year-old Vacaville woman was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly abusing a second grade, special needs student on a school bus at Browns Valley Elementary School.

According to the Vacaville Police Department, school bus driver Kim Klopson, 64, physically assaulted the child after she refused to get off the bus.

Another employee then reported the altercation to the school district, prompting an immediate investigation within the district, police said.

On. Feb. 6, Vacaville Unified School District then contacted police and child protective services -- leading to the bus driver being removed from her position, according to police.

"We immediately initiated police involvement and have been in full support of the investigation," said Vacaville Unified School District Superintendent Jane Shamieh. "We hope that the consequences and charges filed reach the fullest extent of the law."

When the student refused to get off the bus, police say the incident escalated and Klopson grabbed the young girl, forcing her off the bus.

The girl suffered abrasions from the assault.

“There are no words to explain why anyone would mistreat a child in that way," said Shamieh. "No child should ever experience something like that, especially at school."

Shamieh said the district is now focusing on the child and concerns of her family.

According to police, Klopson was arrested on a felony child abuse charge and booked in Solano County Jail. As of Wednesday evening, jail records show the woman is no longer in police custody.