Live Oak Man Builds 27-Foot-Tall Lighthouse for His Wife

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LIVE OAK -- Ralph and Patsy Leon have been married for 21 years.

About 10 years ago, Ralph Leon, who is now 74, built a 27-foot-tall lighthouse on their Live Oak property for his wife. It took him three months to build.

"Just because I love her and she loves lighthouses. Plain and simple," he said.

The lighthouse is hooked up to a remote control so that Ralph Leon can operate it without having to climb the tower all the time.

Ralph Leon said his wife grieved for a long time after her ex-husband passed away from a terminal illness, and that the gospel song "Thank God for the Lighthouse" helped her through that time. He said he built her the lighthouse to help her cope with that loss.

"She's just a beautiful person," Ralph Leon said. "She's put up with so much out of life, it's unreal. Basically, she's a strong woman."

The lighthouse also plays another minor role on the property by providing a cover for their well.

Ralph Leon says the light can be seen all the way from the Oroville Dam, about 22 miles away.

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