Marketing the IRS

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Marketing the IRS:  Irresponsible Resource Squandering

“To provide America’s taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and by applying tax law with integrity and fairness to all.” - IRS Mission Statement The IRS Turned Inside-Out!  The actions of the IRS affect nearly every person in America.  Charged with collecting federal income taxes and enforcing federal tax laws, the IRS holds great power, and American citizens would like to believe that the Service wields this power efficiently and fairly at all times.  But as Philip M. Leone exposes in Marketing the IRS, the Service suffers from institutionalized ineptitude and outdated, labyrinthine systems.  Further, Leone notes that not only are these issues often swept under the rug by the Service, but worse— attempts by employees to update IRS system and practices, to make the service more fair and efficient, are routinely and harshly discouraged."

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