Traffic Snarled Through the Sierra as Weekenders Try to Get Home

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SODA SPRINGS -- A Sunday storm in the Sierra brought about a half foot of fresh powder -- it also kept some enjoying a mountainous holiday weekend from getting home when they wanted.

"Well everyone that was trying to go back yesterday trying to go back home today," said Bianca Reyes, who was trying to drive back to the Bay Area.

Traffic was at a crawl in many parts of the mountain Monday. In Soda Springs, drivers topped out at about 15 mph trying to get home.

"We don't know how much further ahead it's going to be but Google Maps just shows red the entire way," said Mark Comeau.

The foothills also saw large crowds thanks to the holiday travelers.

In Colfax, cars jammed the side streets as many who were stuck in traffic stopped off to grab a bite to eat and use the facilities.

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