Woman’s Scrapbook Full of Son’s High School Memories Stolen in Smash-and-Grab

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FOLSOM -- Melinda Hollis built a business helping people preserve their memories, so the bitter irony that someone stole her memories is not lost on her.

"Their prints are right there on the window where they peeked in, saw the backpack and proceeded to break in," Hollis said.

Her car was parked at the Parkshores Trail in Folsom. She and a friend were going for a walk.

"Before we were finished with our walk they had filled their face with Taco Bell, put gas in their car and $300 withdrawal from an ATM," Hollis told FOX40.

Her friend had his wallet and iPad stolen. She had bags of business supplies taken from the car. But among everything that was missing, a scrapbook of her son's early years in high school was the most devastating thing to lose.

"And what truly makes me the most sad, and I'm still praying that album shows up somewhere and somebody will call me, there were letters in there that he had written to me and I had written to him on two different retreats he made at Jesuit High School," Hollis said.

Read the Folsom police crime logs and they are littered with exactly this kind of crime, car windows smashed out and valuables stolen, or smash-and-grabs. Folsom park officials told FOX40 it's a well-known problem. Hollis says a park ranger told her "it's an epidemic."

Hollis will be the first to admit she never should have left anything valuable in her car to steal in the first place when she went on that walk. But, like so many others, she just never pictured something like this.

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