Residents Upset After Colorado Rapist Relocates to Carmichael

CARMICHAEL -- Tensions ran high in Carmichael as folks who just learned a violent sexual predator was living just a few streets away, pressed for answers no one seems to have yet about 42-year-old Christopher Lawyer.

"Didn't anybody check in November or December or January," shouted one woman attending a meeting Wednesday night at the Carmichael Park clubhouse.

"He was a no-post actually.  Phone calls were made as soon as we found out and then boom -- per his paperwork. And I don't know why because it's [Department of Justice,]" said one Sacramento County sheriff's deputy trying to offer explanations about why Lawyer wasn't on the Megan's List registry for months.

"He was on the registry for the sheriff's but we weren't notified and the sheriff's department says they didn't have to notify us about it," said one woman at the meeting. "I appreciate the sheriff's department talking to us this evening. Whether I feel assured -- no, I don't. I think it's possible he will be released."

All the uncertainty about Lawyer, a convicted Colorado rapist and kidnapper paroled to Carmichael, is exactly why the woman FOX40 spoke to wanted her identity concealed.

Lawyer was re-arrested Monday for breaking curfew, and for most, that was the first time they learned he was living with an aunt in the area.

An as of yet unexplained information lag between Colorado and California kept him from being listed on the most prominent sex offender registry, Megan's List, until Friday.

"I could not believe that has occurred in this neighborhood and that nobody was aware of it for five months," said Richard Mahan, expressing his disbelief about Lawyer's placement.

Mahan, who lives near Lawyer, is one of many who was shocked by the developments, but he admits he's never checked Megan's List, not thinking his area would be a spot for parolees.

Now he's looking for help from his County Supervisor Susan Peters.

Wednesday night Peters said, "The answers reside with the state of California."

'It's not my problem. I can't do anything about it, [it's] not in my jurisdiction' -- all things Mahan has heard from local officials.

"That's not the case. If you're an elected official it's  your job to go beyond the boundaries of your districts if it impacts those you represent," said Mahan

After Peters cut off questioning about Lawyer to give meeting time to those concerned about code enforcement, frustrations spilled out into the park clubhouse hallway.

"There had been no concerns up until this point about his behavior," Sacramento County Sheriff's Lt. Todd Henry explained to three concerned neighbors.

"He was texting a woman that was found dead," countered one of those women.

Lawyer was questioned by Placer County Sheriff's deputies and cleared in the December death of Yinshan Michelle Wong.

Regardless, it's  all too much for this community -- a community that doesn't think it should have to house a the man from Colorado.

Christopher Lawyer remains in jail without bail -- for now.

Some in his aunt's neighborhood around Wingfield Way have started a petition to keep him from returning.

They hope to present it at his parole hearing, but those types of meetings aren't usually open to the public.

Despite the critiques tonight, Peters said she's never had to investigate a situation like this and that she's "already on her way to making a big stink about it."