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Adopt a Pet: Pilot

Martina is in the studio getting to know 4-year-old Pilot, a neutered male, white and brown brindle Pit Bull Terrier who needs a home.

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:
Visit Pilot’s webpage for more photos and more.

  • Brindle hottie who is ready to get the party started!
  • Adventurous boy who wants to go hiking, camping, you name it, this guy is up for it!
  • If adding some excitement and laughter to your life is a good thing....then Pilot is your man!
  • He enjoys walks, zoomies in the yard, and any adventure you want to take him on!
  • Pilot is the life of the party, and if there isn’t a party he’s ready to make one happen
  • If you are interested in agility training, you NEED to check Pilot out! He's a great size, he's some hops and he's super smart... he's ready to learn if you're ready to teach
  • Smart and curious, he'll thrive in a home that provides mental stimulation and enrichment as much as exercise
  • Pilot loves toys and can spend time on his own playing... puzzle toys and food dispensers would be great for this A+ student
  • This guy is so much fun!  He’s ready for an active and fun loving family who appreciates his joy for life and wants to share that with him!