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‘Stop Shooting’: Anti-Gun Violence, Anti-Trump Graffiti Found at Vanden High School

FAIRFIELD -- Graffiti raging against gun violence and President Trump was found all over the walls of Vanden High School in Fairfield.

"I hate this s***, stop shooting," one read.

"F*** Trump," another read.

Campus monitor Matthew Bidou was one of the first to see the graffiti Tuesday morning.

"I feel for the kids that did the spray painting too. It's their way of reaching out. They were mad about something," Bidou said. "But destroying property isn't the way to do it either."

And some students agreed with him.

"There's better ways. You don't have to vandalize the school in order to get your message out there. There's other ways," sophomore Brylon Brisendine said.

The Travis Unified School District says an organized protest is something they can support -- but defacing or destroying property is not.

"We understand the need for kids to act out on the shooting in Florida," district human resources director Clay McAllester said. "But there's other ways to do it."