Alcohol-Related Violent Crimes Drop Significantly in Downtown Davis

DAVIS -- It was a Friday night in downtown Davis and that means bars and restaurants were filled with people enjoying the start of the weekend.

Now, because of efforts made by the Davis Police Department, those same people are a little safer.

Since 2014, alcohol and violent crimes downtown dropped 59 percent. The department credits more outreach education and some new rules.

An entertainment permit ordinance went into effect in 2016. It's an idea that came after a deadly stabbing at Ketmoree in 2015.

The permit for bars, clubs and restaurants doesn't allow alcohol to be served in pitchers or buckets after 11 p.m. and won't let people in after 1 a.m.

Eight venues downtown hold those permits. Between 2016 and 2017 the number of incidents at those spots decreased.

Not everyone was on board. Rance Nichols performs at Ketmoree and says the 1 a.m. cut off to get into bars hurts business.

"A lot of businesses have felt the effect. After 1 o'clock their business is going down because a lot of people's friends don't want to meet them at a different bar. So the migration has slowed down," Nichols said.

The department said the permit is just one of many ways to lower crime while still allowing people to enjoy Davis nightlife.