Loved Ones Honor Deputy Danny Oliver with Plaza Constructed in Eastern Oak Park

SACRAMENTO -- A dedication was held Saturday for slain Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver.

"There must be brave men and women that are willing to step forward and step into the fire so that those of us that are running away from the danger may do so safely," said Sheriff Scott Jones.

The words on a plaque, which will be cemented in place at Danny Oliver Plaza, were unveiled by Oliver's widow, Susan, at the newly renovated Eastern Oak Park. "Danny Oliver abided by the golden rule, to always treat those he was called to assist as he would wish to be treated," the plaque read.

"He would have loved it. He would have been embarrassed, but he would have loved it," Susan Oliver said.

Susan Oliver said her husband never like the spotlight.

"There were many times when he really just wanted to fly under the radar and do things anonymously," she said.

She said the foundation she started in his name will take full advantage of the space.

"So our plans are to do some events for children here because that would be something that Dan would have wanted to do," Susan Oliver said.

In October 2014, Deputy Oliver's service to Sacramento County came to a tragic end after Luis Bracamontes took his life and that of Placer County Sheriff's Detective Michael Davis in a shooting spree that spanned two counties.

"I wish that we didn't have to do dedications like this anymore," Jones said.

Jones said the honor for one of his slain deputies was bittersweet.

"It brings back very fresh feelings about his death, even though it was over three years ago," he said. "It's still very close to all of us here in the sheriff's department."

Sheriff Jones said that while many people are talking about Danny Oliver's life right now, he believes that in just a few generations it could be a name which could easily be forgotten. Which is why the park is so important because it will also serve as somewhere people can learn about the sacrifice he made.

"They can come here and see the plaque. And reflect, and ask questions and learn about Danny," Jones said.

"Things like this help us learn to live better with it and live better with the loss of him," Susan Oliver said.

Bracamontes was found guilty on all 15 counts, along with his wife in the case against them earlier this month. His sentencing is set for early next month. Prosecutors have asked for the death penalty.