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Suspect in Deadly Stockton Hit-and-Run Turns Himself In

STOCKTON -- The Stockton Police Department reports a suspect turned himself in Sunday morning after he hit a pedestrian with his car and left the scene.

Around 7:30 p.m., the Stockton Police Department reports a silver SUV hit a pedestrian near South Airport Way and East Hazelton Avenue. The driver left the scene, driving northbound on Airport Way.

The pedestrian died as a result of the crash. Sunday, a small roadside memorial had been set up in the area.

"From house to house all the neighbors know him and he’s a real good dude. He’s the type of individual that if he finds out what you like, he will end up giving it to you. He’s an actual good person. It’s just unfortunate the way it happened," Martin Martinez, who was the man's roommate for several years.

The man's identity was not immediately released by police.

On Sunday, the suspect in the deadly hit-and-run arrived at the police department to turn himself in. Police took possession of his car and he was released. His identity has not been reported.

Neighbors in the area told FOX40 that the intersection has been known to be dangerous, with drivers speeding and often running the red light.

"So the cars when they see this light turning yellow at Hazelton, they punch it and you literally see them nonstop, all day, doing it," neighbor Wendy Barnett said.

Both Martinez and Barnett say they themselves have both had close encounters with cars, too, and car accidents happen on an almost weekly basis. They hope Saturday's tragic death will lead to change.