Elderly Woman Rescued from Oak Park House Fire

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SACRAMENTO -- An elderly woman was hospitalized with minor injuries after a house fire early Sunday morning in the Oak Park neighborhood.

Firefighters responded to the home on 8th Avenue and 44th Street, about a block from Stockton Boulevard, around 1 a.m. With the fire came reports of an elderly woman trapped inside her home.

"I pulled my curtains open and flames were at my window and I felt all this heat on me," said neighbor Regina Martin.

With her neighbor's home on fire, Martin only had time to protect her own family.

"Woke my husband and kids up and my grandkids up, and told them to get dressed," she told FOX40.

Crews were able to get the flames under control quickly and rescued the 94-year-old woman.

"You can see them using a hatchet it, trying to get down there but the flames were just shooting out everywhere," said witness Sheila Marion.

Martin said her son tried to help before crews arrived, until Martin insisted he not put himself in danger.

"He pulled everything out and he had the hose. He was watering the windows and stuff over there," she said. "Then after he got done watering that he tried to climb on the roof and I told him, 'No don't do that either.'"

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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