Mayor Steinberg Stands Behind Oakland Mayor’s ICE Raid Warning

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SACRAMENTO -- Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned residents Saturday after she heard from multiple sources that Immigration Customs Enforcement agents would be actively conducting raids in the Bay Area.

There were several networks who wanted to send legal observers to anywhere ICE agents may have been rounding up immigrants who are in the country illegally.

"My understanding is that this is ICE activity and that it will be Bay Area-wide," Schaaf told the press. "My information did not come through official channels, it came from multiple sources that cited extremely credible sources for their information."

Schaaf put out an official statement, encouraging residents to consult immigration resources.

"I hear some of the same rumors," said Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg.

FOX40 caught up with Steinberg at the Republic FC game Sunday to ask him to weigh in on whether or not he believes Schaaf did the right thing.

"I think it's fine that she put out a broader word. There's nothing wrong with people being alert," Steinberg told FOX40. "We're sort of doing it a little bit more by word of mouth through our FUEL network. But this is a time where it is very important that leaders at all levels stand up and ensure that the people who are hardworking, the Dreamers, the immigrant families, that they know that we have their back."

So far mayor Steinberg doesn't believe the ICE activity Schaaf warned about will make its way this far east. But he says the city's Family, Unity, Education, and Legal Network is prepared just in case.

"You know we've got a whole network of advocates, of paid attorneys, and a lot of volunteers," Steinberg said.

Also preparing for ICE was Sacramento Area Congregations Together, which has set up a separate hotline for people to report ICE activity they see. Once they get a report, ACT will send out bilingual legal advisers.

"They're not there to break up anything, they're just simply there to take notes, to record video," said ACT Community Organizer Carlos Montes Ponce. "They're there as what we like to call 'moral observers.' Because we know when law enforcement is being recorded they tend to act a different way."

Many were not praising what Mayor Schaaf did, especially those in the law enforcement community. FOX40 reached out to Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones to see what he thought about the warning but he did not want to comment.

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