Public Employee Unions Rally Together as High Court Hears Union Fee Case

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SACRAMENTO -- Public employee unions rallied around the country as arguments were made before the United States Supreme Court regarding whether workers who disagree with unions' political activities must be forced to pay union dues called agency fees.

Two years ago the high court was on the verge of reversing a 40-year-old ruling, saying non-members must pay fees to public employee unions because they profit from wages and benefits obtained by the union.

But when conservative justice Antonin Scalia died that case ended in a 4-4 stalemate. Now a virtually identical case is being heard with President Donald Trump appointee Justice Neil Gorsuch on the bench. He is expected to break the tie and rule against the unions.

A Sacramento rally tried to reaffirm public workers unions' commitment to fight for worker rights even if they lose the case in court.

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