Schools, Businesses Close as Late Season Snow Blankets the Foothills

Students traded in their classrooms for a snowy playground in Pollock Pines Monday morning.

"I was about to go to my school but then the people called and said it's canceled," said Sierra Ridge Middle School student Driden Rohrbough.

About 6 inches fell there before noon Monday, forcing local school districts to call a snow day.

It was the second consecutive snow day at Pinewood Elementary School. It was one of dozens of schools that were closed across the foothills because of all the white."

"I just like to throw snowballs. Have snowball fights," said middle school student Jesse Pike.

But the snowball fight came at a cost. Their class field trip to the University of California, Davis was canceled because of the snowfall.

"I'm kind of bummed, to be honest. Yeah, it was going to be pretty fun," Pike said.

Still, the fresh powder was a welcome sight for hundreds of students who got the day off, but not so much for drivers.

Frank Mottola was making his way down Highway 50 from Lake Tahoe when the roadway became too slick for his car to handle.

"There's been a couple times I was spinning and I had to break out of the spin," Mottola told FOX40.

So he stopped by Fresh Pond Trading Post to buy some chains. He joined just a handful of other drivers braving the white-out conditions on the highway Monday afternoon.

"Out of the thousand times I've probably driven up and down 50, this is probably in the top 20 of worst conditions," Mottola said.

Nevada County enjoys 'late Christmas weather'

An overnight storm that continued well into late Monday morning brought between 3 to 6 inches of snow in parts of Nevada County.

With schools in the cities shut down, Monday kids were able to build snowmen at Pioneer Park in Nevada City.

In downtown Nevada City many businesses and shops were closed for the day because of the weather, even Nevada City Hall shut down its non-emergency services. But that didn't stop some from taking a stroll downtown.

"There's so much all over the buildings and the ground," said Judah Sharma, who was enjoying the snow.

"Decided to take the kids out and do a little shopping up here, enjoy some of the late Christmas weather," said Aaron Grace.

In Grass Valley shopping out of necessity was a big deal at Riebes Auto Parts. Retail Manager Dave Patton told FOX40 that along with car batteries, deicers and car cables, windshield wipers were also a big seller Monday.

It was a busy day because snow storms in the area only happen about once a year.

"The day of the snow is usually when they come in," Patton said.