Deadly Domestic Violence Cases in South Land Park have Residents Searching for Solutions

SACRAMENTO -- There have been two different domestic violence homicides in South Land Park in just 10 months.

"Enough was enough, it's too close to home," said South Land Park resident Pinki Cockrell.

Susan Roberts was killed in her own home in January. Her husband, Mark Long, stands accused of her murder.

In March 2017, the community experienced the quadruple homicide of Angelique Vasquez, her two children and her niece. Vasquez's husband was charged for the deaths.

That's why neighbors are serious when they say enough is enough and that's why community leaders are listening.

"Our neighborhood is not immune to domestic violence," said Joe Flores with the South Land Park Neighborhood Association. "What do we do to prevent that from happening again in our neighborhood?"

What are the signs of an abusive relationship? How do you report it? It's answers to those questions that can save a life.

It's why a panel of seven from different organizations and agencies in Sacramento came together Tuesday to help neighbors understand what they can do to make a difference.

Neighbors said they're happy it's being taken seriously.

"I think they're finally waking up. Domestic violence isn't just in the home, it is in the community," Cockrell said.