Foothill Communities Brace for More Low Snow

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POLLOCK PINES -- People living in communities in the Sierra Foothills used Tuesday's sunshine to prepare for more snow.

"Get everything that we need now so that way we don't have to go out and get it later," Pollock Pines resident Joshua Luchterhandt said.

Locals hit the icy roads to stock up on supplies in case they get snowed in.

"I have my scraper and I have my little plastic shovel that I keep in my car," Melanie Cain said.

Cain has lived in Pollock Pines for the better part of a decade. She says she always keeps warm clothes in her car, just in case she gets stuck in the cold.

"Make sure you have blankets, too," she said. "I always have blankets in my car and I always have extra jackets in my car. And gloves because I have kids, and boots for them and snacks."

It's not just getting their cars ready but their houses, too.

"Well, you got to get all your stuff together. Get your food in order and burn some wood," Luchterhandt said. "I'm going to keep a slow drizzle on my pipes with my water so that way my pipes don't freeze over because we've had that issue already this month."

As for city people unaccustomed to mountain living, Cain and Luchterhandt offered some advice.

"Well, don't stop in the middle of the road because a lot of people from the cities, as soon as they see snow, they stop," Cain said.

"If you're not from around here, just remember that the locals here kind of already know what's going on and try to take lead from them," Luchterhandt said.

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