Hail Highs and Lows: Natomas Recovers from Unusual Winter Weather

NATOMAS -- Although the symbols of spring were popping up in Natomas Tuesday it looked like winter.

Hail was piled high around houses. It was shaped into pseudo-snowmen at the fire station.

Nicole Selmi has lived in Natomas her entire life.

"Sometime's you see ice on the grass or whatever but there's never been this much happening here, so it's crazy," Selmi said.

So crazy she and Landon Hooker decided to make the most of the hail before it all melts away. They turned skateboard decks into snowboards and strip malls became slopes. It was a day of firsts for them.

"I've never been able to go snowboarding. So when this happened I went, 'She's never seen snow, I've never been snowboarding,'" Hooker said.

For others the hail created problems.

Crews spent most of the day clearing the roof and the signage at Bel Air grocery store. At the Creek Apartments the hail left carports bent and broken.

It even forced a local preschool to close for the day. A sign on Tiny Scholars Academy said the school was closed Tuesday due to "dangerous conditions" in the parking lot.