Modesto Mother Fighting Cancer Faces Deportation

MODESTO -- After being in the United States for 30 years, a Modesto woman who is already fighting cancer must now also fight deportation.

Martha Lozano, 52, who spoke to FOX40 through a translator, has been battling breast cancer for years. Every day she must take four medications to fight her disease as well as treat her thyroid. They're pills she'll need for the rest of her life.

"Because of the cancer treatment and the medication I’m receiving, I need to be here," Lozano said through the translator.

But after this week, she may no longer have access to them.

Lozano is living in the country illegally. While in years past she's been granted immigration extensions to continue her treatment, this year Immigration and Customs Enforcement denied her request, saying since she has been in remission for a long enough time that she should be healthy enough to return to Mexico.

But that would leave her three sons, ages 25, 22 and 14, in the country alone.

"That’s my fear. My kids staying here in the U.S. without me, and then I’ll be sick in Mexico," Lozano told FOX40. "It’s hard. This will be our second separation as a family."

Her husband is currently living in Mexico. Already it's been difficult for the family to be separated.

But Lozano said returning is not that simple.

"If I stop taking the medication and go back, my doctor says my life would be in jeopardy," Lozano said.

Lozano, who has no criminal history, does have an attorney. But, as of now, that attorney says she has exhausted all legal options.

Still, she plans to fight to stay in the country for her youngest son.

"I have one child who I still need to take care of and fight for," she said. "I fought for my other kids so they can finish school. I want the youngest one to have the same opportunity and accomplish his dreams too."

Lozano's doctors also sent letters to ICE to no avail. She's been given until Thursday to leave the country.