Police: Thieves Rummage through Unlocked Cars in Roseville

ROSEVILLE -- Police say it's not only a crime of opportunity but a crime that makes the suspect's job very easy for them.

"They're just checking door handles, looking for open garage doors," Roseville Police spokesman Rob Baquera said.

Surveillance video captured young thieves around 3:30 a.m. in the morning on Feb. 17. You see them randomly passing cars in the neighborhood near Festerson Park in west Roseville, trying to get into cars that were left unlocked.

"There was a substantial loss for a lot of people. Computer bags, college textbooks, electronics, change from your center console," Baquera said.

Perhaps the biggest mistake residents should be wary of is something they likely don't think twice about, but can be the most costly.

"They leave their garage door openers in their cars," Baquera said. "If their car is unlocked, then a criminal has easy access into their garage."

Even worse, if a homeowner fails to lock the door between the garage and into the house. It not only puts the residents inside in danger, but opens them up for more items to be ripped off.