Teens Arrested after Vandalizing Brand-New Homes in Manteca

MANTECA -- Shattered glass, words burned into the carpet and damaged doors were found at four brand-new homes over the past week in Manteca.

Three of the homes were almost ready for their new owners.

“Pretty disheartening to see what they did to residents of... people that were expecting to move in within a matter of a couple of weeks,” said Manteca Police Sgt. Mike Aguilar.

But the vandalism case went beyond reason. Aguilar said a bunch of teens ruined the homes and the motive is unknown.

“Just pretty clear their intent was just to go in and destroy each interior of the residence,” Aguilar said.

A family was set to move into one of the homes in just a matter of weeks, and now their move-in date has been pushed back by at least a month.

So far two 15-year-olds have been arrested and both face felony vandalism charges for the break-ins and destruction of the homes.

Two of the housing developers affected told FOX40 they wish to prosecute the teens to the full extent of the law. Investigators believe more teens may have been involved.