Thief Hits Jewelry Business at Roseville’s Antique Trove

ROSEVILLE -- Roseville Police detectives are looking for man, who they say posed as a customer, looking for that something special for his sweetheart.

"He came on the 13th, that day before Valentine's Day, and he was looking for an engagement ring," Maurice Munoz, from Master Jewelers, said.

Master Jewelers is located inside the Antique Trove on Harding Boulevard.

"He was a tall guy. He was very clean," Munoz said. "He didn't have any accent at all."

Maurice Munoz who owns Master Jewelers says the suspect was a nice guy. And left without buying anything.

But two days later, Munoz says he returned -- with newly shaven sideburns -- ready to buy, willing to spend $1,800.

The suspect showed up as Munoz was still setting up his displays at the start of the day. This time, Munoz noticed a difference in the man's body language.

"He was real careful, never to get that close, standing behind the line," he said. "That's because of the cameras."

The man said he wanted to see more rings, so Munoz returned with two cases, placing them inside the display case, unlocked.

Then, as Munoz turned his back to weigh one of the rings, the suspect grabbed the rings from inside the display.

"Some of the rings were worth $1,500, up to like $7,000 for the ring," Roseville Police Detective James Haggerty said. "Sixty-four rings."

Munoz hopes someone recognizes the man in the surveillance video.

"Pretty sad when they do things like that. Especially for me and my wife, this is our retirement plan," he said. "Now I'll have to extend myself, work about three more years or so."