Yuba City High School Teacher Responds to Recall Effort

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YUBA CITY -- He's in the middle of a termination battle with his school district thanks to accusations that he's physically and sexually abused students.

Now teacher Jim Whiteaker is speaking out through his attorney about efforts to oust him from his post on the Sutter County Board of Supervisors.

As FOX40 first reported Sunday, a process server notified Whiteaker of the recall campaign against him that afternoon.

The latest allegation against him, videotaping and groping a 14-year-old at Yuba City High, prompted a long list of accusers to come forward and say they suffered similar treatment at his hand over two decades. Nothing's been proven, but some voters feel while facing such accusations, Whitaker should not be serving as a supervisor.

In response, Whiteaker's lawyer, Roberto Marquez released a statement from his client Tuesday:

"In the past several weeks there have been numerous rumors, false and misleading allegations distributed maligning my character and reputation. The matter is currently being reviewed by the Commission on Professional Competence. A hearing is pending and I strongly believe the end result of this hearing will bring out the truth. These accusations have been made without supporting evidence and are without merit. It is inappropriate to hold a recall petition based solely on rumor prior to the full facts coming to light and without first allowing the full legal processes to run their course. I believe in due process, the institutions of this country, and look forward to being vindicated following a full and impartial review of the facts. I am a life-long resident of Sutter County. I have spent my life as a teacher (26 Years), elected member of the Board of Supervisors (16 years). I have spent years actively involved in my community, local fundraisers, and youth programs. I look to God, and the citizens of this county to see through this attempt to smear my reputation and character.

Thank you

Jim Whiteaker"

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