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Days After House Fire, Oak Park Family Continues to Struggle

UPDATE: Lillie Blakley, 94, died Friday morning.

SACRAMENTO -- Days after an elderly woman was rescued from a house fire in Oak Park, her family's battle continues.

After the fire destroyed their home and their belongings, they're struggling to find a place to live.

Before all this, Lillie Blakley's body was feeble due to her age, but her niece Andrea Smith says her mind was sharp. Now, she's in ICU at a Roseville hospital relying on a breathing tube to mitigate the effects of smoke inhalation.

"Four firefighters had her, placed her on the ground, and were trying to resuscitate her," Smith said. "It was smoke coming out of her mouth and off her body."

Smith's father, Abner Hicks also lived in the home and inhaled a lot of smoke himself, but is well enough to be at his sister Lillie's side at the hospital.

"We ran out of there with nothing on. I was able to grab a pair of shoes and this sweater right here. That's it. Everything else, somebody donated, gave it to me. My dad has nothing," Smith said.

And at this point, Smith, her dad, and his brother, who also lived at the 8th Avenue home have little hope of restoring what they did have because they didn't have renter's insurance.

It's a protection that neighbors who watched this fire rage from across the street don't have either.

"It makes you kind of nervous because you never know when something the slightest thing might spark something," neighbor Clint Collins said.

Collins says his family doesn't have renters insurance because of the cost.

But Smith said the cost to live without is too much.

"Being in a house fire is no joke, and we have nothing. No clothes, no medicine. We don't have anything," she said. "Anything anybody can do for us it would really be appreciated."

Smith has established a GoFundMe campaign for those who wish to donate.

The Red Cross has stepped in to help Smith and her family with a few nights at a motel.