UC Davis Chancellor Gives First ‘State of the Campus’ Address

DAVIS -- UC Davis Chancellor Gary May is still very much in a honeymoon period after he was handed the reigns to the 40,000 student campus last August.

He continued to sing the praises of the school at his first State of the Campus address before a meeting of the Faculty Senate.

"We are a university with a lot of momentum," May said.

May said many UC Davis disciplines continue to lead the nation and get worldwide recognition, minority and disadvantaged student enrollment continues to increase and its student housing shortage is being tackled by the most aggressive housing campaign in the school’s history.

But there was also sobering budget news. The UC system asked for a 4 percent increase in its budget, and the Board of Regents is on the verge of approving a 2.7 percent tuition increase -- the second in as many years. May says some lobbying needs to be done at the State Capitol.

"Engage with our elected officials to increase our state support so some of the increases can be reduced or even eliminated," May said.

To make matters worse the campus is reaching is nearing its cap on out of state students who pay more in tuition and generate money the university.

But May also said private fundraising, which reached a record $250 million last year, is on track to do the same this year. He also said it will be helped by a 10-year strategic plan now in the works, and plans for an innovation and research hub in Sacramento called Aggie Village is well underway.

"There’s no better time to be an Aggie," May said.

Of course, May has only had the top job for six months and many of his visions have yet to be realized but as he is fond of telling his listeners, "stay tuned."