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Amador County 13-Year-Old Arrested after Rapping About Killing His Teacher

AMADOR COUNTY — A 13-year-old student in Amador County was arrested Friday after his school discovered that he had written several rap songs about killing his teacher and his teacher’s family.

On Friday morning, the Amador County Unified School District notified the sheriff’s office about the songs, which had been uploaded to a European music sharing server. The 13-year-old wrote and rapped lyrics describing in detail how he would kill the teacher and their family members.

Later in the day, the Amador County Sheriff’s Office served search and arrest warrants at the student’s home.

Deputies confiscated writings and drawings found in the boy’s bedroom. They also found and collected three firearms as well as several swords and knives that were accessible to the 13-year-old.

The FBI will be assisting the sheriff’s office in gathering evidence from the server.

Law enforcement officials have been protecting the teacher and their family members. There were no other threats targeting the boy’s school, other students, or any additional teachers, according to the sheriff’s office.