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Police Determine Davis Junior High Shooting Threat was a Prank

DAVIS -- Davis Police determined Sunday that a threat made against Harper Junior High School was a prank.

The Davis Joint Unified School District decided to keep the school open Monday after notifying parents that classes would be canceled.

On Sunday, police identified a male student in his early teens as the person who made up the false threat of a shooting at the Davis school.

The anonymous tip about the shooting allegedly planned for Monday was sent via the STOPit app. Superintendent John Bowes reports starting last fall, students at DJUSD campuses were encouraged to use the app to report any number of "inappropriate behaviors or concerns," including bullying, discrimination and substance abuse.

"According to the message, the messenger stated that he knew a potential shooter who would come shoot up the school on Monday, tomorrow," said Davis Police Sgt. Ilya Bezuglov.

Bowes notified parents and students Saturday about the threat, citing the Parkland, Florida school shooting as a reason behind the district's decision to keep students at home.

No arrests have been made. The police department will work with DJUSD to determine appropriate consequences.

Police may arrive at additional DJUSD campuses throughout Monday, according to Bowes.

As for an anonymous person to report a threat through an app, parent Neta Rakaseta believes it can be a good thing, allowing students to speak up without fear of retaliation. However, she isn't sure it's a perfect system.

"And what if they are pulling a prank, are they going to shut down every time they have something like that going on? Every time somebody posts are they going to shut down school?" she said.

The school district and Davis Police investigated the threat.