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People Cautiously Head to the Sierra to Enjoy the Late Winter Snow

KINGVALE -- CHP escorts slowed down traffic, snow chains were required and there was low visibility as the series of late winter storms continued to chase travelers up into the Sierra Nevada.

Snow was both the headache and the draw for so many trying to navigate Interstate 80 late Saturday. At long last, the flurries returned with a flourish, bringing out the winter sports fans, like Alex Macondra. He's been preparing for this moment and practiced putting chains on before hitting the road Saturday.

With the sustained snowfall over several days, there was plenty to go around.

Tracy Saelee and her friends were helping themselves to a little winter fun, loading it up on sleds and then packing it in the back of their truck for transport back to their home in Sacramento.

"Probably put it all in the front yard and let the kids play some more," said Lai Phan.

Meanwhile, the snow levels are climbing higher and creeping lower into the Foothills as the night cold takes hold.