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Stockton Detectives Raid Illegal Gambling Operation

STOCKTON -- A woman accused of running an illgeal gambling internet cafe was arrested at least seven times over the last five years.

The neon "OPEN" sign was still lit at 634 East Main Street on Tuesday, but the lock outside the suspected illegal gambling operation, plus the notice from code enforcement, alerted neighbors that whatever took place there is now closed.

Neighbors said they’ve noticed peculiar people outside of the building for weeks but only heard rumors of what was happening inside. Since early February, a number of complaints came into the police department after people were seen loitering around the building.

“Just that they did internet gambling and one person said there were prostitutes that were hooking up in there maybe,” said neighbor Jennie Nava.

Investigators say they took away 16 computers and even drugs in Monday’s raid, all right next door to Team Charter School.

They also arrested 36-year-old Erica Herechski. This is her fourth arrest for operating illegal gambling establishments.

She was in charge of illegal internet cafes in 1107 East Harding Way, 1045 North Wilson Way and 539 North Sutter Street. She also worked and managed a place in the 600 block of North Wilson Way and is suspected of running a cafe in the 6000 block of North El Dorado Street.

Officers add they found methamphetamine they believe was hers.

According to jail records, Herechski was released just hours after she was booked. Ultimately, it’s up to the District Attorney’s Office whether or not they pursue charges against her.

The FBI has said time and time again -- you can gamble in Vegas, and other cities that allow it, but doing so on a computer is absolutely forbidden in the United States.

FOX40 also reached out to Team Charter School. They had no comment.