Woman Trying to Escape Alleged Attacker Hits, Kills Him with Her Car

SACRAMENTO -- An alleged attacker died Monday as the woman he assaulted tried to flee.

Those are some of the new details FOX40's learned about a deadly Sacramento crash that shut down the area around 16th and A streets. It is an area where many homeless people who live in their cars park for the night.

Investigators now say a woman who was sleeping in her car woke up to find a man she didn't know trying to get inside.

When she resisted, he started punching her.

"So the subject is assaulting her and then she tried to escape. And as she escapes she collided into another vehicle and during that collision he fell under the other vehicle," said Sacramento Police Sgt. Vance Chandler.

That man has not been identified by the coroner as of late Monday night.

The woman is not facing charges at this time.

Officers are looking for anyone who may have seen what happened Monday morning to give them a call.