First New Home Approved after Cascade Fire, Others Hoping for the Best

LOMA RICA -- Loma Rica resident Jim Degraff says he was the first Cascade Fire victim to get approval through Yuba County to move into his new home.

"It's nice to be home again," Degraff told FOX40.

The prefabricated house is 400 square feet larger than the one that burned down in October of 2017. Flames consumed 131 homes in Yuba County.

The new house has the features his wife has longed for.

"She got to pick out the whole kitchen. You know, she got to design it what she wanted," Degraff said. "The end result we think turned out beautiful."

Others in the community are not so optimistic about a new home coming soon.

John Kean tells FOX40 he didn't have insurance when his home burned.

His current home is a motel room in Marysville, paid for by FEMA.

"If I'm crying I shouldn't be," Kean said. He added he sympathizes with his neighbors who have families who have been displaced. "I'm all by myself."

Tuesday evening, the community will come together once again at the Foothills Lions Club in Loma Rica.

The meeting will be about money that continues to be raised by local organizations and how that money will be divided among victims.