Parents of Missing 14-Year-Old Girl Speak Out, Desperate to Find Answers

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RIO LINDA -- Amy and Tim Vanderveen's 14-year-old daughter, Grace has been missing from Rio Linda since Feb. 19.

A corner in the Vanderveen's kitchen has turned into a command post.

"Somebody has a hand in this that's outside of these girls," Amy Vanderveen said.

The Sacramento Sheriff`s Department has been looking for Grace Vanderveen for over two weeks.

"Initially, she is classified as a runaway. We have no indications that there is any foul play," said Sgt. Shaun Hampton with the sheriff's department.

What they have is a note Grace Vanderveen left behind. It was addressed to her "amazing, loving family" and apologized for leaving, promising that she'll still get an education.

Her parents say one of their daughter's friends told them she was coerced into writing it.

"Leave a note and leave your phone so you don't get tracked," Amy Vanderveen said.

She's been off the grid ever since.

Her parents say Grace Vanderveen was last seen with another 14-year-old girl inside a vacant home on Clay Street in Del Paso Heights. Neighbors said it's known for illegal drug use.

"There's three boys over there that say they saw Gracie sleeping on the couch," Tim Vanderveen said.

But by the time he made it there, she was long gone. So they posted her missing flyers all over social media. They say immediately after, three families knocked on their door.

"They came to my house and said Grace has been taken out of town," Amy Vanderveen said.

But she says those adults and her daughter's young friends are all terrified of telling detectives.

"What is going on? What am I missing?" Amy Vanderveen said.

She believes someone helped her daughter leave town and helped make it look like she was a runaway so authorities wouldn't investigate.

Hampton said if, for any reason, an adult is involved in harboring the missing minor "there is the potential for some type of criminal action to be taken on that person."

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