Some Local Conservatives Applaud Sessions’ Remarks in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO -- Though their contingent out on the streets in front of the Sawyer Hotel may have been smaller than that of other Sacramento protestors on Wednesday, their message was just as intense.

Their message -- U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is right and California is wrong when it comes to illegal immigration.

Floyd Johnson II had class this morning so he wasn't able to physically stand with those backing Sessions.

But without doubt, as president of the College Republicans at Sacramento State University, he stands with them philosophically.

"You are the California government you are supposed to protect California citizens, not people who are here illegally. When you're allocating funds to protect illegal immigrants to stay here, that's really troubling because that money could be going to something else like helping with our roads, repairing street lights, stuff like that," he said.

Sessions' newly filed suit against the Golden State does more than seek to revoke resources for jurisdictions that don't comply with the Trump administration's strict immigration policy.

Its goal is to have California laws that bar employers from allowing ICE into the workplace and stop police from asking someone's immigration status declared unconstitutional.

They're laws that Republican political consultant Tim Rosales says, "a lot of Californians quite frankly are up in arms about - a number of them and not only Republicans. You've got Republicans, Democrats and Independents. you know people who are feeling that the state government is not standing up for not protecting them... and is protecting not just people who are in this country illegally, but people who are in this county illegally committing crimes."